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Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune

2008 Syrah Napa Valley

In the 15th century, the Kings and Queens in a deck of cards depicted famous royals. The Jacks were noted protectors of their respective realms. Ogier the Dane (Spades) served Charlemagne. La Hire (Hearts) served Charles VII of France. Hector (Diamonds) defended the city of Troy under his father, King Priam. And the peerless Lancelot (Clubs) was Camelot's most noble knight. Today, these valets, as they were originally called, do battle on green felt, defending and seizing fortunes large and small. We pay tribute to these champions with our Soldiers of Fortune Syrah.

  • 750 ML $48.00 Qty

The entry is smooth, lush and viscous. The interaction between the acidity and sense of sweetness is intriguing. The tannins are very fine-grain on the evolution and become more firm allowing for a long dense finish.

Blackberry, blueberry, milk chocolate, vanilla bean, earthiness, cinnamon, cola berry.

The Oak Knoll District (benchland) is a moderately cool viticultural area that allows slow and even ripening, which creates deeply colored wines with depth and complexity.

Hand-harvested / Small-lot fermentations / 3-day cold soak / 14-day maceration / Different yeast strains used for aroma and flavor development / Partial whole berry fermentation / Minimal manipulation

724 cases

Spicy through and through with a long balanced finish, Soldiers of Fortune is just the right match for BBQ chicken, roasted turkey with sage, thyme and rosemary stuffing, quail, or roast beef with yorkshire pudding.

Best cheeses: Feta, Spiced Havarti, Aged White Cheddar