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2012 Savignon Blanc Russian River Valley

As even the best player knows, there is more at work at a gaming table than skill. That explains the vast array of assistance brought to the green felt. Whether it takes the form of a rabbit's foot, an old coin, a four-leaf clover, a locket, a particular item of clothing, a Buddha with a nice fat belly to rub, or a fuzzy little toy doll, these amulets are prized not for what they are, but for what they possess. It is something unseeable, untouchable, but something nonetheless. Accept it. Court it. Celebrate it by uncorking a bottle of our enchanting Charmed Sauvignon Blanc.

  • 750 ML $23.00 Qty

Full and balanced entry leads to a round middle palate; crisp yet smooth with a long and mellow finish.

Grapefruit, lemon grass, wild cassis, vanilla bean, honey suckle.

Russian River is one of the finest areas in Sonoma County for Sauvignon Blanc, creating very intense aromas and flavors. The Russian River Valley wine is complemented with Napa Valley fruit that is more concentrated and complex.

Hand harvested / whole-cluster pressed / cold-fermented / sir-lie aged / early stirring to integrate yeast.

444 cases

If you're looking for something special to pair with spicy food that is not cloying or overwrought, Charmed is the one for bacon wrapped prawns, Thai food and spices, scallops, spinach salad, cumin rubbed grilled pork loin with yogurt mango salsa, chicken caesar salad, and heirloom tomatoes.

Best cheeses: Goat, Emmentaler, Pepper Jack