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2006 Black Clover

2006 Black Clover

2006 Merlot Napa Valley

Irish lore tells of incredible luck being bestowed upon anyone fortunate enough to find a four-leaf clover. Ten thousand times more rare than the three-leafed norm, spotting one is an indication of both luck and a keen eye. It just so happens that these two attributes can bring great fortunes at the card table, turning a peasant (the class the suit originally symbolized) into royalty. Unfortunately for those already possessing great riches, the reverse is also true. So, caution, friend. We celebrate the ability of a man to improve his lot in life with our Black Clover merlot.

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Spherical texture, creamy concentration, fine-grain tannins, finesse.

Exotic blueberry, black cherry, black olive, integrated oak, lavender, earthy, orange peel, rose water, vanilla.

All of the grapes for the '06 Black Clover were grown in the southern half of the Napa Valley where the relatively cool temperatures allow for well-structured yet soft wines. Brighter fruit character from the northern-most vineyards and dark fruits from the more southerly vineyards. Softer, higher acidity from the south, bigger tannins and color from the north.

Hand-harvested / Small-lot fermentations / 4-day cold soak / Tailored extraction / Blend of maceration times ranging from 14-21 days / Quarterly racking for natural clarification.

268 cases

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