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JAQK Cellars is the creation of three people—Craig MacLean, Katie Jain, and Joel Templin—and an idea: do what you love.

When you follow your passion, you pour yourself into it wholeheartedly. Work ceases being work. It becomes something you enjoy, something that feels more like, well, play.

For Craig, there’s nothing he’d rather be doing than walking through vineyards, crumbling clumps of soil in his hands, smelling the air, understanding a particular harvest, and coaxing from it a nectar that’s wonderfully delicious. Katie and Joel share with Craig a passion for wine, but their first love is the world of graphic design. They were drawn to it at an early age and have immersed themselves in it ever since. At their firm, Hatch Design, they craft brand identities, packaging, and communications that not only further their clients’ goals, but make the world a little more beautiful a place for all of us.

And so JAQK Cellars was born. Not so much a business as a blank canvas. Not so much an enterprise for three colleagues as a way for three creative souls to indulge their passions. A way for them to slave away doing what they love till their hearts’ content.

The winners in pursuit of this work-free ideal are not just Craig, Katie, and Joel, but the wines themselves. They are crafted much more carefully than if they were the products of an anonymous assembly of people punching a clock. Each varietal has been lovingly coddled, cajoled, and doted upon every step of the way. Each bottle design caringly crafted so that it brings pleasure even before the first sip is taken.

We hope you like the idea behind JAQK Cellars and decide to bring some of our delicious wines into your life. And, of course, share them with your family and friends. We also hope you tap into the spirit of JAQK Cellars and follow your own passion. Because when you find it, we all benefit. And playtime never ends.