We are a wine company with a slightly different take on things. In addition to being dedicated to making great wine, we’re also passionate about something even more important: play.

For us, play includes the excitement of testing our luck—and tempting fate—at games of chance. It also includes getting together with friends and enjoying each other’s company. And we have found that a bottle (or two) of carefully crafted nectar can be quite helpful in that regard.

So, go ahead. Invite a few friends over, uncork a bottle of JAQK Cellars and play a little.


JAQK Cellars

We named the company JAQK after the face cards and ace in a deck.


High Roller
Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Paso Robles

A hearty cab that stands up and demands notice. Just the thing to accompany a thick porterhouse steak or toasts to grooms, grandfathers and other dignitaries.


High Roller

Smooth and mellow, this tasty Chardonnay pairs well with grilled lobster on the deck and good friends wherever you might find yourselves.